Lisa and Allan Mueller are the owners, instructors and mentors of Creativity Central. Creativity Central is what we call our home/office/studio compound and thought it was a fitting name for our creative business workshop and mentoring business. We have a true passion for creativity whether it be behind the lens, at the computer,  in the studio or when designing and creating art. And we love to share what we know.

Creativity Central is a place for creative business people to come and learn how to grow their business and be successful. Our focus is on photographers and artists and craftspeople who want to take their passion to the next level and create a living, breathing creative business.

We teach several different workshops and offer resources and mentoring to creative business people in Knoxville, Tennessee and around the world.


Lisa is a professional photographer and the ‘better’ half of ALM Photo as well as a one-of-a-kind fused glass artist and instructor of Sassy Glass Studio.  Creative from an early age, Lisa has always loved art so it is no surprise she spends her days either behind the lens creating gorgeous images or in the glass studio creating unique works of art.

Lisa is also the Captain of Knoxville Creative Hands Street Team, the local Etsy Team and organizes two Show & Sale events each year as well as monthly meet-ups. She understands the challenges and joys of operating an on-line shop and loves working with other Etsy sellers and creatives to help them grow their business.

Teaching is one of Lisa’s passions. She has been teaching Beginner and Intermediate level fused glass classes at Sassy Glass Studio for several years and has also taught Social Media Marketing for Photographers.


Allan has been interested in photography since he was in high school and jumped back into it about 9 years ago when digital cameras first hit the scene. He has a great eye and a tremendous love for all the technical gadgetry of photography. From camera function basics to complex lighting set-ups, Allan is the go-to guy for all your questions.

Allan, along with Lisa, started Next Level Photography Focus Group, a local meet-up group for photographers of all levels in January 2008 as a way for everyone to share, learn and network in order to take their photography to the next level.


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  1. Lisa! It was great to meet you tonight! Yes, I would be very interested in coming to one of your classes/workshops. Please keep me informed. Thanks!

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