Entrepreneurs of Knoxville | Local resource for creative business owners

Several months ago I started following @EoKtown on Twitter and discovered it was a great local resource for entrepreneurs of all industries. I immediately went to the website {www.eokhq.com}, filled out my profile and started making friends with other members. Then I found out they meet every Wednesday starting at 8:30am for several hours with a different speaker or program rounding out the first our of the meeting and a work session, pitch hour or other beneficial event for the second hour. Following the meeting members can join one another for lunch at a restaurant chosen by someone in the ‘Foodie’ group. Some members will just meet up for the lunch if their schedule was too hectic in the morning.

At first when I started attending these meetings I thought it would be just another avenue for me to meet some new people and increase my network for my fused glass art and photography businesses, but I soon found that I loved the dynamic of the group and now attend every week unless a client is paying me for my time. There are many members who regularly attend as well as some who show up when they can, but most importantly everyone shares,  freely dispenses advice or engages in meaningful conversation. What’s different about EoK is that there are no dues, there are no rigid rules of organization, there is no selling and there is no feeling that anyone is better than the next person. What you do find at EoK is a welcoming place to share your ideas, get feedback, introduce yourself and your business(es) to a group of entrepreneurs who will soon become your friends.

Visit the EoK website, follow them on Twitter, find them on Facebook and get connected on LinkedIn. You will be glad you did!


One response to “Entrepreneurs of Knoxville | Local resource for creative business owners

  1. I joined about a month ago but unlike you I haven’t attended any meetings. From their website it looks like a great organization and I will now make time to get to their meetings. Thanks!

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